What Is the Process for Setting Up IV Ketamine Infusions in Louisville KY?

What Is the Process for Setting Up IV Ketamine Infusions in Louisville KY?

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Step one is calling Reclaim Wellness Group at (502) 758-9878 to speak with an administrative assistant. The assistant will schedule an initial eligibility consultation (60 minutes) with one of our physicians and one of our licensed therapists. You will be sent an invitation via email to set up a free account in our system so that you can access the consent forms, agreements, and questionnaires needed for the consultation in Louisville KY.

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Upon arrival at your consultation appointment, you can expect to meet with one of our physicians for 30 minutes to review your medical history, current prescriptions, and your treatment goals. The physician will show you our treatment rooms and answer any question you may have about the ketamine infusions. Next, you’ll meet with one of our licensed therapists to review the results of questionnaires filled out prior to your arrival. The therapist will ask about your previous trials of psychiatric treatment and what you hope to gain from IV ketamine infusion treatment.

In most cases, the physician and therapist will tell you during the consultation if you are eligible to receive ketamine treatment. The clinicians reserve the right to deny patients access to ketamine treatment, typically due to medical contraindications, unstable medical conditions, and concerns with substance dependence or abuse.

For those eligible to receive ketamine treatment, the administrative assistant will schedule the series of infusions recommended by your medical provider and Reclaim medical staff. Patients are then provided with various instructions and information so that they may arrive at their infusion appointments prepared and ready for their healing journey to begin.

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