Learn About How Wellness Coaching Is Used During Ketamine Treatment In Louisville KY

Learn About How Wellness Coaching Is Used During Ketamine Treatment In Louisville KY

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Ketamine treatments can help you to reclaim your life from challenging, treatment-resistant mental health conditions. Our patients are maximizing the healing benefits of ketamine by combining infusions with the support and guidance of a Wellness Coach. This service is modeled after what is commonly referred to as “ketamine assisted psychotherapy,” and Reclaim Wellness Group is one of the only clinics offering it in the region!

Ketamine promotes neuroplasticity and the reorganization of neural networks and pathways in the brain. This is further enhanced through the guidance of a Wellness Coach in Louisville KY as they help patients break through barriers and defenses that have been historically difficult to penetrate.

What is the Wellness Coach’s role during ketamine treatment in Louisville KY?

Although the term “psychotherapy” is used in “ketamine assisted psychotherapy,” having a Wellness Coach assist you during your ketamine treatment is not intended to be a replacement for your current therapist. Unlike conventional therapies, coaching during a ketamine infusion does not follow a standard talk-based approach. Your Wellness Coach may be a licensed therapist or counselor. However, the services they will provide as a coach is not the same as what one might expect from their role as a therapist.

While there are some similarities between coaching and psychotherapy, they are very different services and it is important to understand what makes them so different. The major differences are in the goals, focus, and level of professional responsibility. Psychotherapy patients are often emotionally vulnerable, and they will likely discuss very intimate personal histories and experiences. These factors give psychotherapists a fiduciary responsibility to protect the safety of their clients and to “above all else, do no harm.”

Both coaching and psychotherapy utilize knowledge of human behavior, motivation and behavioral change, and interactive counseling techniques. Your Wellness Coach will accompany you during your ketamine treatments to offer support and safety as the medication takes effect. Although your Wellness Coach may be a licensed therapist or counselor, their involvement in your ketamine treatment will be in the capacity of a coach. Your Wellness Coach may not be directly involved in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a mental illness.

If your Wellness Coach recognizes that you are experiencing a problem that would benefit from psychotherapeutic intervention, they will refer you to appropriate resources or your current therapist or psychiatrist.

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