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Reclaim Wellness Group in Louisville KY was founded by a team of clinicians whose shared values, standards, and vision combined to offer a specialized range of therapeutic services to individuals who are often overlooked in traditional healthcare clinics.

Mental Health Services Louisville KY Street Russell
Licensed Psychologist

Street Russell, Psy.D., HSPP

Dr. Street Russell– affectionately known to his patients as Dr. Street– is a licensed psychologist and co-founder of Reclaim Wellness Group. Dr. Street specializes in the treatment of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), OCD-related disorders (OCRDs), and perfectionism. Dr. Street sees patients of all ages.

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He is licensed in Kentucky and Indiana, and is permitted to practice telepsychology across state boundaries under the authority of PSYPACT. For a list of states currently participating in PSYPACT, visit

Dr. Street is described by patients as compassionate, genuine, and witty. Dr. Street is considered one of the top anxiety and OCD specialists in the region, and is often invited as a guest lecturer and presenter at various universities, professional associations, and hospital groups. He has dedicated his entire career to treating OCD, and is passionate about reducing the stigma associated with anxiety-based conditions. You can follow Dr. Street's impressions on OCD and anxiety recovery on Instagram (@dr.street_treats_ocd).

Dr. Street has expertise in exposure with response prevention therapy (ERP), which is considered the gold standard treatment for OCD. Additionally, he is an expert in the use of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) for OCD, perfectionism, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ERP and ACT are globally recognized as evidence-based therapies for the above-mentioned conditions.

Dr. Street is committed to weakening the stigma of anxiety-related disorders. He is a regular speaker at professional conferences, hospitals, and state psychological associations training medical professionals on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of OCD and OCRDs. Additionally, he provides clinical supervision to clinicians working toward full licensure and consultation to independently-licensed therapists who may be working with patients who have OCD, but lack the training and expertise to treat those patients effectively.

Dr. Street’s core values are genuineness, kindness, humor, acceptance, and family. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Street had been performing as a professional stand-up comedian for 10 years (no joke). He and his wife have 5 human children (no joke). He has two cats. Dr. Street is an avid fan of horror films, progressive metal music, and anything related to humor and comedy.

Other Professional Highlights

  • Earned a doctorate in professional psychology at Spalding University in Louisville, KY
  • Proudly served as Associate Director of Be Well Kentucky (formerly Louisville OCD Clinic) for 7 years
  • Contributor to research studies on exposure-based therapies, OCD, and eating disorders
  • Published articles in peer-reviewed journals, and co-authored a book chapter on the assessment and treatment of individuals burdened by sexual obsessions in OCD
  • Served 2 years as a member of the clinical faculty at Spalding University's School of Professional Psychology
  • Provides expert commentary for various media outlets including podcasts and radio
  • A member of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) since 2016, and a regular attendee at IOCDF’s annual conference
  • A member of the Kentucky Psychological Association since 2016, and a regular attendee–and presenter–at KPA’s Annual Convention
Mental Health Services Louisville KY Sara Sutphin
Licensed Psychological Practitioner

Sara W. Sutphin, M.Ed., LPP

Sara Sutphin, M.Ed., LPP is a licensed psychological practitioner and co-founder of Reclaim Wellness Group. She treats individuals in-person or online anywhere in the state of Kentucky. Sara specializes in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), OCD-related disorders, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), body-focused repetitive behaviors (such as trichotillomania or hair-pulling disorder), hoarding disorder, and other anxiety-related conditions.

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Sara is described by her patients as creative, passionate, knowledgeable. She often incorporates humor, music, and mindfulness in her work with patients. Sara is one of the leading OCD and anxiety specialists in the region, and is an expert in the provision of exposure with response prevention therapy (ERP), habit reversal training (HRT), and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). You can follow Sara’s thoughts and impressions on OCD and anxiety on Instagram (@swsutphin1).

Prior to co-founding Reclaim Wellness Group, Sara practiced for 7 years at Be Well Kentucky (formerly Louisville OCD Clinic). While at Be Well Kentucky, Sara served as an OCD Training Specialist, and is credited for revamping and co-developing the clinic’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) for OCD. Prior to her tenure at Be Well Kentucky, Sara worked as a therapist at Kentucky State Reformatory and NeuroRestorative. Sara is an active member of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) and the Kentucky Psychological Association (KPA). She is a regular attendee at IOCDF and KPA annual conferences. Sara has received clinical training put on by The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors.

Sara lives with her husband and cat in Louisville, KY. She has two adult sons. When she’s not working, Sara can be spotted cheering for University of Louisville's football and basketball teams, Atlanta Braves baseball, and whichever team is playing against the Dallas Cowboys. Sara enjoys reading suspense novels, especially those authored by Ruth Ware, Michael Connelly, and Louise Penny, to name a few. She loves to sing, and hails from a family that always enjoyed singing together and playing instruments. Sara enjoys listening to music and going to concerts. She has always loved music by Duran Duran, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Police, Stevie Wonder, The Foo Fighters...and this could go on all day. Sara also enjoys walking, hiking, trying new foods (especially Indian and Japanese dishes), and laughing with family and friends.

Mental Health Services Louisville KY Nathan Gonda

Nathan Gonda, D.O.

Dr. Nathan Gonda, D.O. is a board-certified emergency medicine physician. He completed his residency in emergency medicine at hospitals in Monroe, MI, and Toledo, OH. Post-residency, Dr. Gonda has practiced in Kentucky at various hospitals and clinics in Pikeville, Lexington, and Louisville.

As an osteopathic medical doctor, Dr. Gonda’s practice is largely informed by emphasizing and valuing the connection between each patient’s physical and mental wellness. Addressing patient crises of mental health is a commonplace responsibility in emergency medicine; however, Dr. Gonda has always wanted to do more for patients whose needs extend beyond the reach of a hospital’s exit doors. He co-founded Reclaim Wellness Group to turn that vision into practice.

Dr. Gonda enjoys spending time with family and friends. He and his wife have four young children, so he stays very busy. He enjoys sports, especially football.

Mental Health Services Louisville KY Aleksandr Pevtsov

Aleksandr Pevtsov, D.O.


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