Getting Started at Reclaim Wellness Group

Mental Health Services Louisville KY Getting Started

What is the process for getting started in Louisville KY?

The first step of the process is contacting us by calling (502) 758-9878 or filling out the form on our Contact Us page. Our administrative assistant will ask several questions to find out which services you currently need, answer your questions, and get you scheduled for a consultation appointment.

Getting Started with Ketamine Treatment

Mental Health Services Louisville KY Ketamine Treatment

After getting your consultation appointment scheduled, you will be emailed an invitation to sign up for our HIPAA-compliant patient portal. All required documentation, including contact information, consent forms, privacy notices, and questionnaires, will be accessed through the portal. After you have filled out and signed the required documents, clinicians assigned to your treatment team will review the materials prior to your consultation appointment.

You can expect your initial consultation to last approximately one hour. The time will be split between meeting with a member of our medical team and one of our licensed psychologists or therapists. The purpose of the initial consultation is to conduct a brief clinical interview, determine your eligibility for ketamine treatment, discuss a treatment plan, and help you feel better acquainted with the physical setting of the clinic and our procedures.

In most cases, the clinical staff will tell you during the consultation if you are eligible to receive ketamine treatment. For those eligible to receive ketamine treatment, an administrative assistant will schedule the recommended number of infusions and provide patients with various instructions and information so that they may arrive at their appointments prepared to begin. Our clinical staff reserves the right to deny patients access to ketamine treatment. This is often due to medical contraindications, unstable medical conditions, and substance dependence issues. Please contact us if you’re interested in ketamine services at Reclaim Wellness Group.

Getting Started with Psychotherapy

Mental Health Services Louisville KY Getting Started With Psychotherapy

Whether you’re seeing us for ketamine treatment or psychotherapy, all treatment options begin with scheduling an initial consultation. After scheduling the consultation, you’ll be sent an email invitation to complete your required paperwork and intake materials through our HIPAA-compliant platform. During the consultation, your therapist provides you with information regarding treatment format and your rights to privacy and confidentiality.

Your therapist will listen to your summary of what led you to seek services at Reclaim Wellness Group, answer your questions, and ascertain your goals for treatment. Some of the objectives of this consultation include a) determining if the therapist has the training and expertise to provide the right treatment, b) identifying treatment goals, and c) deciding on whether the therapist clicks with your style of communication.

After the consultation, you and your therapist will schedule an assessment appointment. Since therapists at Reclaim Wellness Group only provide evidence-based care, each patient’s recovery path is planned out and informed by results on various assessment instruments. This sort of assessment is not the same as comprehensive psychological or neuropsychological assessment batteries often used in academic settings, diagnosing autism spectrum disorder, seeking accommodations at school or work, or court-ordered forensic testing, all of which often take 8-12 hours to complete, and then several weeks for a written report. Our assessments generally take 1-3 hours to complete and will be used to determine the most appropriate course of treatment based on your symptom severity and impairment and to select the evidence-based treatment approach recommended for your needs. You and your therapist will use this information to begin scheduling your treatment sessions thereafter. Please contact us if you’re interested in psychotherapy services at Reclaim Wellness Group.


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