What Should I Expect During Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in Louisville KY?

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This article will help to set your expectations for a session of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in Louisville KY. Patients often describe a sense of relaxation, safety, and assurance that permits them to let go of unhelpful defenses and open up to new understandings and perspectives. Our patients report experiencing a greater sense of willingness to have uncomfortable feelings in the service of living their values. The guided experience fosters a sense of acceptance, introspection, and healing.

Patients will generally receive six (6) IV ketamine infusions over 6 weeks under the direct care of a physician and with the guidance of a wellness coach or therapist in a controlled environment, supportive setting. Each infusion lasts approximately 45 minutes to one (1) hour.

Our Treatment Environment in Louisville KY

The treatment setting is designed to maximize healing, comfort, and safety during the infusion. You can expect the following amenities, procedures, and perks:

  • Patients will lay comfortably on a leather recliner, not a hospital bed
  • Soft, warm designer blankets, never bleached white sheets or quilts (this shouldn’t feel like a medical procedure) are provided
  • Since ketamine heightens the senses…
    • All rooms are dimly lit, feature blackout curtains and some rooms have twinkling lights
    • All rooms are carpeted to further absorb sound
    • After the nurse or physician checks your vitals, inserts the IV, and starts the pump, there are a few beeps or chimes from the medical equipment in the room
    • The highest quality essential oils are defused to promote serenity, tranquility, and equanimity
    • Eyeshades are provided to further neutralize sensitivity to light
      • Since their eyes are covered, all staff members will let patients know whenever they enter and exit the room
    • All staff members will speak softly during the experience
  • Artwork depicts themes of nature, connection, and balance
  • Since ketamine can produce feelings of dissociation, detachment, intense relaxation, or a dream-like state (although not everyone reacts similarly)...
    • Your wellness coach or therapist will provide you with squishy toys and fidgets to squeeze so that you can reconnect to the present moment

Our patients have described their experience receiving ketamine-assisted psychotherapy as compassionate, warm, safe, and comfortable.


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